The basic Kefling villager. They don't do much except follow the protagonist around and wave. Also, when the protagonist does not give the Kefling a job, the Kefling will be idiotic, dumb, and just downright stupid.


Keflings are given jobs that make them:

  • Kefling-swarm

    A swarm of Keflings, this can be done only with certain mods.

Transport items

  • Chop wood
  • Smash rock
  • Mine crystal
  • Shear sheep
  • Do nothing but give you pointless quests

Without Kefling jobs, we would be playing Walk Around and Get Waved At Simulator!

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Kefling List
Kefling | Lumberjack | Rock Miner | Crystal Miner | Sheep Shearer | Guild Kefling | Smart Kefling | Graduate Kefling | Roof Painter | Mayor Kefling | Lord Kefling
King Kefling
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