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In A Kingdom for Keflings you control a friendly giant helping the Keflings. When you begin your game you get to choose which giant you would like to play as.

Catherine Edit


Description Edit

"Catherine is gleeful, friendly, and enjoys the outdoors. She always gives the Keflings the caring they deserve."


Grant Edit


Description Edit

"Grant's strong arms, finely tailored suits, and well groomed hair are the envy of giants everywhere.

Maia Edit


Description Edit

"When not building kingdoms, Maia compulsively bakes pies. She never falls behind in any task she's been given."

Montaro Edit


Description Edit

"Montaro's an energetic giant often distracted by shiny objects, though he's always available to help the Keflings."

Naira Edit


Description Edit

"The winner of The Kingdom's Next Top Giantess, Naira is perfect for kingdom building!"

Phoebe Edit


Description Edit

"A naturally quiet and shy giant, Phoebe loves the Keflings and deeply enjoys helping the little folk in their building."

Reece Edit


Description Edit

"Even though Reece is stronhg, smart, and brave, it's usually his ginger hair that gets him noticed

Trevor Edit


Description Edit

"Trevor is quick witted and fleet of foot. Though a young giant, Trevor still puts a spring into the Keflings' steps."

Xbox Live Avatar Edit

The player's Xbox Live avatar functions identically to the other giants, but allows the player to add an additional bit of personalization to their game.

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