These Keflings crack crystals with the best of them. Once the resource is fully exhuasted the kefling will automatically move on to the next closest crystal in the area. Once you have found the Digging Bar, a kefling can be assigned to this task by picking it up and placing it on a block that contains crystal resources. Additionally, once assigned, you may also pick the kefling back up and place it on a collection point (like the Contractor's Office) to have the kefling deliver the crystals it breaks- automatically. Crystal miners will crack crystals faster if the Crooked House is built.

Kefling List
Kefling | Lumberjack | Rock Miner | Crystal Miner | Sheep Shearer | Guild Kefling | Smart Kefling | Graduate Kefling | Roof Painter | Mayor Kefling | Lord Kefling
King Kefling
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